Google analytics is a significant traffic generation tool

There’s a very Analytics tool available for anyone to use in their own blog. It is free accurate and has become the norm across the net. Of course I am talking about Google Analytics. The Google Analytics tools plays an Essential traffic generation function for several reasons Notably it tells You what sort of traffic you are getting to your site. It may tell you from search engines or if the traffic is direct, referred. It gives you a wealth of information about your customers. Such are they here for the first time just how long are they on the website what’s the bounce rate which sort of internet browser are they using what nation are the people. It is going to tell what keywords they typed to find your blog.


Without a blog Analytics tool you do not have any idea how many men and women are currently showing up to your site. You do not know how they got there in the first location or where they come from. You will have. All this information is lost without Direct traffic Google analytics. You are flying in the dark. Incorporating you attract traffic and into a guessing game trying to boost your site. The part that is most exciting Is Google Analytics is simple to set up and install. It’s provides information for the blog owner. However, has advanced features for power users. It is a one size. You can see other important metrics and the ROI for each and every keyword you purchase with no additional setup, on Ad Words.

To making the benefits the use of Google Analytics is much longer than the few benefits I have listed above, but I believe you understand. Now you have a thorough comprehension of how to begin measuring the effectiveness of your site I think it is time that we turn our focus to site traffic conversion. In my next article I will dive deeper to the challenge of converting your website visitors to potential, leads and new clients. My guess is that by you are starting to understand the significance of combining Google Analytics with your Word Press site. As I bring this to a close I will give you some of the huge benefits to combining Google Analytics with your Word Press Website.