Disasters are highly increasing in the duration and complexity. Whereas the Dawood Foundation, which is managed by Bashir Dawood, recognizes this need for the emergency response funding, and stay committed in ensuring that the funds are accessible for the longer-term building and recovery resilient communities.  There were many manmade and natural disasters beset Pakistan from the last few decades that have resulted in the significant economic, human, social and environmental losses.

government and organization

In last some years, impact of these disasters in Pakistan is devastating. This type of service is extremely important for people who are in need. However, what happens while it comes about many other organizations is they don’t have the clear idea about the roles and responsibilities involved in the field. There’s lack of clarity and duplication of work. And there must be coordination and plenty of efforts made on the minimal wastage & valuable resources. Thus, why choosing the best organization that has been successful in addressing and meeting people’s requirements make a huge difference to people who get affected. When any organization or foundation gets committed to participate in the disaster relief makes huge efforts on improving the quality of life, human dignity, and well-being of these victims and reduces the morbidity and mortality. The Dawood Foundation is run by Bashir Dawood from last many years and has helped many people, government and organization who are victim of this disaster. He worked to alleviate an immediate suffering that was caused by the crises and invest in the approaches that tackle longer term issues.