There are 3 main steps in 3d printing technology:

First Step

Preparation before printing is very important. 3d file of the object is designed which you want to print. This 3d file can be created using CAD software having the 3d scanner or simply by downloading from the online marketplace. Once it is checked that the required 3d file is ready for printing then you can proceed to the second step.

3d printing technology

Second Step

In this step, the actual process of printing is done. First, it requires choosing the material which can achieve the required specific properties for the object. The variety that can be used in the 3d printing technology is very broad. It will include ceramics, plastics, resins, sand, metals, biomaterials, textiles, food, glass and even lunar dust. Most of these materials will also allow plenty of finishing options which will enable in achieving the precise design results which you are having in your mind. There is also some other like glass for an example which is still being developed as 3d printing material and they are also not easily accessible.

Third Step

This step is the finishing process. In this step, the specific skills and materials are required. When the object is first printed then often it cannot be directly used and or delivered until it has been lacquered, sanded or painted for completing the intended.

The material which is chosen for the project will determine the most suitable printing methods. Among all of this, the most commonly used technique for each group of materials can also be described.